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Sunfood Nutrition & Eating For Natural Beauty

By David Wolfe


      Best-selling author reveals ways to cleanse, nourish and beautify with a variety of organic, fresh foods. One of the earliest diets known to man - consisting entirely of raw, plant-based foods - will go down as one of the hottest health, fitness, and gourmet trends.


       "It is much more than a fad of the moment," says raw nutrition expert and author David Wolfe in his new book Eating for Beauty "A raw food diet is now considered a viable way of life for serious health seekers around the world." The living food movement, led by Wolfe and other hDavid Wolfe's Sunfood Nutritionigh-profile raw foodists, has begun to replace the vegetarian movement as a healthy alternative to the fast food, pre-packaged, fat-laden meals most Americans eat today.


Why raw?


      The raw-food culture is a mix of alternative health devotees, spiritual seekers, and hot trend spotters. Hollywood is not new to the raw lifestyle - Wolfe has personally counseled actors Alicia Silverstone, Alison Lohman and Woody Harrelson, motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, and model/Playmate Rebecca Scott. Wolfe and his chef staff have prepared raw feasts for The Grateful Dead; K.D. Lang and Lisa Bonet have attended seminars.


      To anyone who eats cooked food, the idea of eating only raw food might seem extremely restrictive, too taxing on your body. Yet there is solid evidence that a living plant food diet eases digestion, boosts energy, and eliminates carcinogens. As the nation embarks on their New Years' resolution goals, Wolfe urges people to seriously look at the safety of the Standard American Diet (also known as the SAD diet.) "Fifty percent of the U.S. population dies of heart disease," he notes, "which is caused by poor diet and is therefore preventable and even reversible with proper diet, as tens of thousands of cases have shown.


      "In the next ten years, cancer will surpass heart disease as the number one killer in the United States. We know that the best way to prevent cancer is to limit our exposure to carcinogens. The number one way of exposing ourselves to carcinogens is through cooked commercial food. Raw plant food actually contains anti-carcinogenic nutrients, so it's an obvious better choice."


Eating for Beauty


      In Eating for Beauty, Wolfe describes how to cleanse, nourish, and beautify by utilizing the benefits of a fresh-food diet. Readers can apply the lessons contained within this book to improve their health, vitality, and appearance. Eating for Beauty reveals:


  • How to incorporate natural raw plant foods into your diet to lose weight, gain strength, become more beautiful, and achieve vibrant health
  • The specific benefits of such raw foods as: fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, and Superfoods (spirulina, blue-green algae, wheatgrass)
  • Yoga and Exercise - how to radically increase flexibility and muscle tone through diet
  • Natural skin care - which natural foods enhance beauty, and which are conducive to clear skin and a glowing complexion
  • The role and value of most nutrition supplements and herbs on the market today
  • Natural aphrodisiacs and better sex through proper nutrition

Why now?


      Some suspect that baby boomers are a significant factor - they are getting older and are looking for alternative solutions to their health issues.


      Wolfe sees the timing as something more elemental. "Everything in the universe works in balance: Hot/Cold, Boom/Bust, Yin/Yang," he says. "The raw-food movement represents a movement towards purity, controllability, and accountability of food quality. It balances the "anything goes" philosophy of industrial age and fast food. It represents a beautiful opportunity to step into the future of computer age food that allows us access to the best, instead of settling for less than excellent choices."




About Author

David Wolfe ( is the leading authority on the raw food philosophy - a lifestyle and diet that has swept through Hollywood and far beyond. David is one of the most sought-after health and personal success speakers in the world today. He conducts over 100 health lectures and hosts five raw adventure retreats each year in the United States, Canada, Europe and the South Pacific.

The author of Eating for Beauty, The Sunfood Diet Success System and Naked Chocolate, David is also a professor at Dr. Gabriel Cousens' Living-Food Nutrition Masters Program in Patagonia, Arizona. David is CEO of Sunfood Nutrition Inc., the world's largest distributor of books, juicers, audio/videotapes, bulk organic foods and exotic raw foods. The company launched a web site,, in October 1997 and had sales of over million in 2003.



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