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Slimming Serum

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A sophisticated product of high biotechnology with state-of-the-art  dermo-cosmetic components developed over the last few years, a true hit on the market of non-standard cosmetics. 

The Slimming Serum for body is a super-balm with cappuccino scent and colour. This dermocosmetic product with soft and velvet consistency was intended for fighting cellulit - the esthetic defect which is a nightmare for many women. Anti-cellulite body therapy enriched in collagen treatment !


How does SLIMMING SERUM work ?

Regular application gives (measurable) effects such as:

•the reduction of body mass, not in kilograms but in inches of tights and buttocks;

•the reduction of water and sodium surplus in the paracellular matrix;

•the reduction of the appearance of "the orange peel";

•the improvement of microcirculation causing the real effects of decreasing the appearance of spider veins;

•considerable improvement of the moisture, density and elasticity of the skin.







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