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Collagen Washing Gel

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Are you looking for a mild face and body cleaning product one that removes even waterproof make-up?


So clean your skin and body with Collagen Washing Gel every morning and before going to bed. Its ingredients are extremely important for us, because we wanted to took care of your entire family while developing it.


Collagen Washing Gel was created based on Natural Collagen beneficial effects, using natural plant extracts and substances, which protect your skin lipid-water jacket, we developed a mild, not containing SLS-s cleaning preparation, which you can use to clean your child's sensitive skin. 


The Collagen Washing Gel is a genuine cosmetic with a proved effect of softening, smoothing and moisturising the skin, stimulating the processes of regeneration and anti-oxidation.

Ideal to use before the application of pure biologically active Natural Collagen Gel.



Size: 250 ml bottle (last approx 6-8 months)







Product Code: WashGel



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