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Collagen Ultra Moisturizing Balm

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An exclusively developed product complementing the natural collagen cosmetic series. Collagen Ultra-moisturizing Body Balm - a merge of natural ingredients and the latest accomplishment of High Biotechnology.


Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Body Balm brings extreme relief to dry and even very dry skin. It restores the natural lipid barrier of the epidermis, deeply nourishes and softens the skin thanks to its natural plant extracts ingredients.


Light, revitalising formula supplies deep and lasting hydration. Carefully selected ingredients - biotech innovations from the world’s best  component wholesalers - ease irritations, eliminate discomfort from dry, peeling and flaking skin, and protect against the negative effects of the environment.

By improving the elasticity of the skin it decreases its tendency to premature aging. ​The skin is noticeably smoother, softer, highly nourished and revitalised.







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