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Collagen Collaceina

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Collaceina is an effective product. It works comprehensively on the body, with a special emphasis on immunological problems. 

Collaceina is a special product, consisting of two types of capsules filled with different contents. 

The capsules of the first type contain three substances, each of which is a natural and extremely important immune factor in the human body.


Lysozyme ( also called muramidase) - a highly stable cationic protein – is the slowest of the known enzymes, but it is also highly potent. 

Lysosyme is present in our digestive tract, which is safe for our body. Now that an increasing number of pathogenic strains become resistant to antibiotics, lysozyme supplementation can be important for improving immunity.

Colostrum (also known as beestings or first milk) – is the first gift from the mother to the child. It is fluid that appears prior to lactation,

which equips newly born mammals in immunity. Almost anything could be written about colostrum in the field of nutrition, treatment

and biology of mammals – and all this will be true, because colostrum contains more than 250 natural compounds (described so far),

which are only beneficial for the body.


The second type of capsules in Collaceina contains a Symbiotic set:
Live bacterial cultures. Nine selected strains, whose tasks is to maintain the balance of bacterial microflora in our digestive tract and prebiotic food for them: fructooligosaccharides.




First 30 capsules:

Colostrum 200mg, Lysosyme 15mg, Bioactive proteins, including at least 90% of lactoferrin 10mg


Second 30 capsules:

Probiotic mixture of 9 bacterial strains 50mg total conc 5B CFU







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