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Parabens Presents No Undesirable Hormanal Effects

By Jerzy  George

Use of Parabens as preservatives was drastically revised after receiving considerably awful press in the last few years, having a great impact for some companies eliminating them from their formulations and presenting 'free from parabens' products; however, industry has long protecting their use saying they are an inexpensive and effective preservative solution and there is no scientific foundation for alarm.

And according to the latest study (18 November 2009) conducted for the Parabe SkinCareScientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) for additional data on the longer parabens, propyl- and butylparaben, in the response to the research that claimed the frequently used preservatives may have an effect on the reproductive and hormonal systems of the body.

Florian Schellauf from industry trade body Colipa introduced the results from a recent study on rats at a conference organised by the Scandinavian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCANCOS) in Sweden.

Information and the results presented at the SCANCOS conference show that parabens are well absorbed after oral administration but only to some extent absorbed after dermal exposure. In addition, the data suggests that the compounds are fully metabolised before they enter the blood stream.

Blood plasma examination highlighted only the occurrence of a parabens metabolite PHBA (p-hydroxybenzoic acid) and no concentrations of the parabens themselves, no matter which paraben was used and how it was applied (oral, dermal or subcutaneous).

In conclusion Schellauf stated that "PHBA is not known to have any estrogenic special effects and is found extensively in plants and human food, so trace exposure in the human organism cause no health risk."

"The study confirms the results of a number of research studies, which concluded from their work that parabens are metabolised rapidly and to a large extent in living organisms and therefore cannot exhibit any adverse effects," - said industry trade body Colipa.

According to Maria Lod�n founder of Sweden-based consulting firm Eviderm and a member of SCANCOS, a decision from the SCCS can't come soon enough.

�My interpretation of the current data is that, in addition to methyl- and ethylparaben, also propyl- and butylparaben will represent the safest option for preserving cosmetics in the future," she said.

"The society anxiously awaits the final SCCS report on the issue to reduce dissemination of misleading information on parabens," - Lod�n added.



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