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There have been dozens of questions and still new ones appear.

Below, there are some of the most interesting questions:

Does collagen make the skin addicted? Doesn't the organism become accustomed to providing such protein "from the outside" and give up "its own production"?

We would like it to be so. We would all earn a lot more than the drug dealers, but legally the situation is, however, quite opposite.The findings of the research carried on so far have indicated that the observed objective increase in the skin tissue after about 100 days of noninvasive collagen lifting is not so much the effect of providing of the supportive protein from the outsite but rather of "waking up" the fibroblasts by such stimulation and, as if, forcing them to make a productive effort in a moment when they have already start thinking about the retirement. The precise answer to this question requires 2-3 years of clinical research. There is some good news also, however. A significant majority of our clients show the symptoms of mental addiction to the product.


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How much of pure collagen is there precisely in Natural Collagen?

The question is a bit wrongly stated. The specific answer about 45%, or perhaps 98% in the total dry mass does not reflect the essence of the subject. After separation of water (read more), lactic acid and oils that give the product the form of the protein again. Then, however, the product would lose its transepidermic characteristics and would be impermanent. The better answer is: the maximum of the amount possible to be completely absorbed by the external layer of epidermis. In general the 3 content of "collagen in collagen" is measured by the amount of hydroxyproline in mg/cm. When we are operating on the percentages we can be laughed at by a biochemist.

Is "Marine" based Collagen the same as this fish derived collagen? What are the differences?

Most of the "marine" based collagen products are created using algae and several oils that serve as preservatives. Natural Collagen is only found in humans and animals, not in plants or algae. Marine based products are not created using any type of active collagen derived from animals. This is what makes the attributes to Natural Collagen very unique. Another differentiating aspect of Natural Collagen is that it is very pure and contains only four basic ingredients. Many of these other marine based collagen products contain an array of ingredients and are therefore less pure than Natural Collagen.

Does your Natural Collagen have Certificates and Medial Tests?

Yes, it has Certificate from National Institute of Hygiene, Certificate of Health Quality and tests from Microbiology and Dermatology Laboratories and Clinics in Europe.

What is the difference between the fish and the bovine collagen?

First of all it does not induce allergy. The more refined the species of fish is used for the extraction of collagen, the smaller the pollution of the fresh water reservoirs that are the source of the fish, the smaller the number - even to the verge of the per mill statistical error of the percentage - of people who become allergic to the product obtained in such a way. Since 1999 the plastic surgery has departed from the application of the bovine collagen.

The fish collagen excludes the spread of prions. Apart from the fact that the Image of Silver Carprisk is slight, the psychosis created by the media deters the clients from the bovine collagen. Finally, what was most important to us, this is an extract from the fish skins, first from the salmon family, then from the carp family, that underwent the Europe method of hyper - filtration through the fibroins of silk which has given the known result.

How is Natural Collagen Q5-26 with Fish Collagen distinctly different from other Collagen products?

Studies have shown that other types of collagen, mainly synthetic and bovine collagen, do not work well with human skin. The molecular structure of such products is not accepted by human skin and therefore they provide little to no benefit.

Natural Collagen Q5-26 with fish collagen is a unique formulation of natural ingredients that works best with human skin. The formula has been perfected in Europe over the past fifteen years and therefore provides superior results.

After I apply Natural Collagen Q5-26 my skin feels tight, is this normal?

Yes, it is normal to feel a tight sensation after applying Natural Collagen Q5-26 onto skin. As the Collagen dries, it causes the skin to feel instantly tighter, and may cause minimal flaking as it begins to regenerate the skin.

Why has Natural Collagen Q5-26 been called nature's gift?

Natural Collagen Q5-26 is completely natural. It is obtained from fish and thus from natural raw material. The technology to obtain it is completely natural. Suffice it to say that the filters contain the natural fibrin of silk. This is as if one kind were complementary to the other inferior, more subtle one. It is like frutti di mare, but in a much wider and more intense meaning.
The whole production process is extremely esthetic visually and the collagen obtained through it is beautiful, clear, transparent, easing pain and healing wounds. It is a gift of nature.

What if I am allergic to fish?

So, far we have had no reported reactions to our products, however, as a precaution, anyone who does have allergies, should first try a small amount behind the ear and wait at least 10 minutes. If there is no reaction, try again with a small amount on the inside of both wrists, again waiting at least 10 minutes to see if there is any reaction. If no reaction occurs, then proceed with one part of the body at a time.

What is elastin one of the product's ingredients?

It is also a supportive protein, very similar to collagen. It constitutes 3 % of the skin proteins. When presenting the subject to a layman, it can be stated that elastin is simply also a collagen.

Aren't creams containing collgen enough to smooth out lines?

Collagen creams work only on the skin surface. A moisturizer with or without collagen cannot penetrate the skin and is not designed to be absorbed. No moisturizer can undo the cumulative effect of collagen loss. Creams primarily slow the rate of water (read more) loss from the skin and help keep the skin supple.

Juvenile acne in girls and boys is a visually offensive skin defect. Would Natural Collagen be applicable also in this case?

Natural Collagen is sterile, it heals, soothes. One can say with a large degree of probability, tested many a time, that juvenile acne can be relieved without any chemicals, drugs or hormones.

What is the influence of collagen on the hair and fingernails?

The same as on other organs, a regenerating one. Gray hair gets darker, eye brows and eye lashes regrow, fingernails regain their normal elasticity.

Is it true that visual acuity improves during the transdermal application of Natural Collagen?

Yes, and actually very much. During the aging process visual acuity deteriorates, the lenses become clouded. The hyaline corpuscle of the eye is a collagen solution. By supplementing the collagen deficit the organ's function is restored.


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