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Collagenelife Welcome


As the world does not stand on one place, our company is interested in getting
the talented people in our friendly
business opportunity.


Natural Collagen Q5-26 is a product with such a great potential that the choice of method for its distribution was not an easy decision.

The producer and the marketing strategists of the big companies conducted long and deep analyses aimed at determining the most efficient promotional route in order to open a World wide market for this product.

Such independent researches carried out in the USA, Germany, France and Poland provided unambiguous and extremely interesting findings.

Natural Collagen Q5-26 sells best when the consumer first of all has a personal and direct contact with the product having the chance to test it even once, and secondly when the consumer is presented with the genesis of the product and biochemical determinants of its effectiveness.

Natural Collagen Q5-26 is the most suitable product for distribution in the consumer network of direct marketing. This is the opinion of specialists, which has been proved by the exceptional success of marketing operation as early as in a couple of months from starting.

You are, therefore, not taking part in an experiment but you are entering a well-thought out and tested business with guaranteed success for everyone who is going to treat it seriously.

Now each one who joins our business is able to possess its own shop with Natural Collagen without maintenance costs and without a cash register but with a margin of 30 % or even much higher!

Every person who succeeds in it is going to join a new network of direct marketing with great opportunities to make high profits and a big career.

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This is the rule in any network marketing - people who work actively, consistently and with character from the very beginning soon make a fortune.

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First Name:
Last Name:

On the other hand, a person who says to the person introducing him/her to the network: I'm going to wait and see how you are getting on, belatedly is able to occupy the last place in the line and then may only complain that it is much more difficult to make any profits - not to mention the big ones - in spite of working hard.

Shareholders of the company are the people who know these facts as they have experienced them.

We have personally found out all of the original sins of the direct sales: the ridiculous jacking up of the prices. Changing of the rules to the disadvantage of participants, depriving participants of the levels achieved, pseudo-reforms, unrealistic levels for promotion, foisting the product "for work", starters, license fees, permissions for elusions, time limits for making turnover, groundless cuts of the bonus or inter-commission, sectarianism, obligatory trainings, loyalty contracts, bills of exchange, tyranny and impertinence of the supervisors, cutting the commission on account of taxes, charging "bad" loan agreements, punishments for criticizing the system, appropriating the customers, imposing sick margins of profit on products and promotional materials, atrocious blackmails in the forms of: "committees of ethics", cock a snook at warranty, excessive use of official titles, points, making money on meetings and trainings for the participants, aggressive motivating ... STOP!


Attraction Marketing System


We are creating a network marketing with a human face.

It is friendly to every participant no matter what they aim to achieve and what they will achieve with us. Distribution and Manager Contracts present our intentions and views in legal terms.

We have invited you to our extraordinarily friendly network free from any of the above-reviled pathologies, based on one product, organized on simple, clear and unchangeable principles.

We are the first network in t h e w o r l d which has specified the rules of "dividing the cake" already in the cooperation contract, thus making them u n c h a n g e a b l e. We therefore, set new standards for the concept of "good marketing".

From now on it is going to mean signing the strict regulations for the finances already in the cooperation contracts both by the creators and by the participants of the network. It is going to mean the financial plan being a deed, not a directive which may be as changeable as a weathercock.

The retail price of the product is relatively low. The customers who purchase the most expensive 200 ml (6,8 fl.oz.) containers of the purest Natural Collagen Q5-26 - Platinum for $215.00 provide themselves with a minimum one-year non-lifting anti-wrinkle treatment.

Implanting botox or collagen which has only temporary effects would cost such customers a couple of dozens times more, while purchasing the best available anti-wrinkle creams in the same period of time would mean spending over ten times more. Also, buying a lot of various cosmetics that do not even guarantee the effect of inhibiting skin ageing process would cost at least twice as much in the same period of one year. Such calculations have been done in relation to a group of customers at the age of above 45 years. A younger customer will incur a considerably lower cost.

The marketing system is also extremely beneficial for its participants. It seems hard to find network which together with the sales of a such high-quality product would offer a 30% discount and promotion to higher discount levels in any time without the possibility of losing them - without a starter and from the very beginning of cooperation. There has never been such a system that would be so liberal and would adjust to the needs of a participant. Creating this system we remembered to avoid all possible flaws of such existing systems.

There are no compulsions. Instead, we allow any methods of making money in the form of commission in this network. Here it is the Manager who decides about classification of turnover. Here every distributed container of collagen means commission for seven people!

We do not, therefore, offer you a complicated ladder of success. Without the excessive use of titles our network provides for only two levels: Distributor and Manager who after nomination may receive really good money.

Image of Money

I. Signing Distribution Contract assures at the very beginning:

  • right to receive full set of materials needed to start distribution of the product and creation of network - non profit, at the production cost

  • right to purchase Natural Collagen Q5-26 from the Manager in any quantity and in any currently available assortment with discount 30%

  • right to create the consumer group.

Signing Distribution Contract does not oblige the Distributor neither to purchase the product nor to register his/her own business activity.

The Distributor is entitled to the following discounts from a current COLWAY pricelist for the retail sales of Natural Collagen Unique Formula 5-26:

  • 30% after signing Distribution Contract.

  • 34% after reaching the level of purchase at $1501.00 calculated in retail prices in any time.

  • 38% after reaching the level of purchase at $3001.00 calculated in retail prices in any time.

  • 42% after reaching the level of purchase at $4501.00 calculated in retail prices in any time.

This is already the level of Manager. After reaching the level of purchase at $6001.00 calculated in retail prices in any time such a Manager receives formal nomination which entitles him/her to get profits from the turnover of the structure already built.

The level of 42% and nomination to the Manager will come soon as the Distributor will certainly be helped in making the qualifying turnover by his/her Manager counting here the achievements of the people from this example recruited by the Distributor.

While discussing marketing System one has to point its unique features, distinguishing it from other network marketing systems.

1. The system is a part of civil-legal contracts (Distributional and Managerial one) signed by the board of management, which is the first time such a procedure is undertaken in world network marketing. It guarantees legal security for participants as well as the rules non-changing, and so often not existent in other networks.

2. There are no starters and no entrance fees.

3. Distribution is totally in accordance with the Law.

4. Any of the achieved discount or commission levels are permanent. It means that anyone, who has been purchasing a product with 38% discount, regardless of period of passivity, will come back to this level. Anyone who has ever, (even for just one day) had three Managers in one line, will always have the right to five managerial levels commission.

5. There is no direct compulsion of the Manager's personal sales.

6. There are no time limits as to achieving the aim.

7. The lack of a Manager in any generation does not cut off the due commission from lower levels.

8. Absolute freedom of group turnover administering by the Manager, creates a world unique situation of complete utilization of the turnover. Within the system it is impossible to deprive anyone of their commission. As we know, many organizers in other networks derive the biggest incomes from the turnover, without paying commission to people who were in that business shortly, or even only for one day. In this system it is impossible. A wise Manager will make every little bottle of distributed collagen contribute to pay back (to several network participants) of passive income out of commissions and it will create a new Manager.

9. Advertising and informative COLWAY materials are sold with no (or symbolic) profit margin.

10. This is such an attractive marketing system, that it demands no official loyalty signs.

Image of a 100 dollar bill

Join us today! It's interesting, fun and rewarding.

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First Name:
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If you are interested in our Business Opportunity or you need more info please fill up the FREE INFO SIGN-UP Form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.


Collagen + Algae + Vitamin E = "Colvita": No Diet Supplements Possessing These Properties Existed Yet. This is the First One.



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Attraction Marketing System



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