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Uniquely effective

Natural Collagen Q5-26 it is not a collagen cream which works only on the skin surface. A moisturizer with or without collagen cannot penetrate the skin and is not designed to be absorbed. No moisturizer can undo the cumulative effect of collagen loss. Creams primarily slow the rate of water (read more) loss from the skin and help keep the skin supple.

Natural Collagen Q5-26 it is a collagen gel that is pure, alive and biologically active and which besides its congenial effect to the skin, the confection penetrates the integument and enters the extracellular space, supplementing any deficiencies of collagen in tissues and organs according to the needs. It also gets built in the bones. The amino acids in the collagen fully cover the daily requirement for the components necessary for the regeneration of the connective tissue.

It's the only product on the market that can:

  • rejuvenate maturing skinsWoman Face after Natural Collagen Treatment

  • deeply moisturize and tone skin.

  • delay the ageing process,

  • clearly improve skin immunology, compactness and pigmentation

  • smooth mimic wrinkles

  • smooth scars, stretch marks and scalded skin

  • regenerate hair and nails: gray hair gets darker, brows and eye lashes start growing again, nails get harder and more elastic.

  • force the semipeptides and amino acids into the extra cellular skin sub layerShaving Man

  • elasticise and soften hard skin

  • it is the best balsam for after shaving and deputation

  • deeply hydrate the skin enhancing its firmness

Also its supports the treatment of :

  • paradontosis

  • allergies

  • juvenile acne and acne rosacea

  • dermatosis, psoriasis and dandruff

  • cellulite

  • disorders of sebaceous and sweat glands

  • alopecia

  • arthritis

  • effective reducing the effects of minor burns , grazes and knocks

Image of the leg before Natural Collagen TreatmentImage of a Leg after Natural Collagen Treatment


  • effective reducing bruises and bed sores

  • preventing premature greying of hair

  • reducing varicose veins

Leg with varicose veins before Collagen TreatmentLeg with varicose veins after Collagen Treatment


  • soften old scar tissue and prevents formation of unsightly new scar tissue
  • soothing pain associated with bones, joints and rheumatism
  • helping with the process of bone formation
  • Ostroporosis Imagea disease whose main characteristics is the fragility and brittleness of bones; collagen may supplement the deficiency of protein in bones and restore their density and durability; at the same time, it has the analgesic effect
  • reducing swellings

Human Skin

helping prevent skin infections

helping prevent hair follicie enlargement and bursting of small blood vessels

  • helping in the healing of broken bones, sprains and after birth pains
  • regenerating the vaginal sheath
  • relieving parodontal pains
  • improving circulation of blood in arteries and veins
  • helping prevent patchy baldness.

  • enhancing visual acuity when applied on eye lids.Human Eye

  • multiple sclerosis - this serious and so far incurable disease is characterized by a gradual atrophy of protein sheath of nerve fibers which basically consist of collagen.
  • collagenosis (connective tissue diseases) - in a simplified way, these diseases can be described as producing by an organism antibodies which attack its own collagen, leading to the damages to the structure of most vital organs; this process also occurs in the extra cellular space.

While discussing the conditions characterized by collagen deficiency, we touch the problem of the substitution therapy, that is, providing the organism with those substances whose biosynthesis is disordered. Like with a popular hormone substitutive therapy in meno- and andropause and in senility and osteoporosis, the deficiency of collagen can be supplemented by its administration, in compliance with immunological tolerance.

The unquestionable significance of collagen to the well-being of the whole organism justifies the need of supplementing any deficiencies, regardless of their causes. It should also be noted that collagen can be used in those cases where hormone substitutive therapy is ineffective or inadmissible, but regeneration effect is indispensable.



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Natural Collagen Platinum
50 ml/1.7 fl.oz - 100 ml/3.4 fl.oz - 200 ml/6.8 fl.oz

Natural Collagen Silver
50 ml/1.7 fl.oz - 100 ml/3.4 fl.oz - 200 ml/6.8 fl.oz

Natural Collagen Graphite
50 ml/1.7 fl.oz - 100 ml/3.4 fl.oz - 200 ml/6.8 fl.oz

Natural Collagen Colvita
60 capsules - 120 capsules

Natural Collagen Moisturizing Day Cream

Natural Collagen Regenerating Night Cream

Natural Collagen Under Eyes Elixir

Natural Collagen Face Toner

Natural Collagen Face Exfoliator

Natural Collagen Face Mask

Natural Collagen Therapy Combo Set


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We don't recommend using Natural Collagen Q5-26 products if you are pregnant, allergic to fish protein, undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, or have connective skin disease (collagenosis).


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