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For thousands of years ladies and gentlemen, have searched for a Woman taking Natural Collagen bathmiracle panacea to retard the process of ageing, specifically the gradual degeneration, through wrinkling, of the skin.

The most famous example that immediately springs to mind is of course Cleopatra, who was supposed to have bathed regularly in asses' milk, with additions of honey and other exotic substances.

Many other efforts have tried to stem the symptoms of ageing, sadly to no avail.

In the early 90s, researchers discovered the specific values of collagen, obtained from certain fish by-products. They examined two methods of obtaining collagen. Firstly, from all of the fish by-product and secondly, extraction of the collagen from the fish skins only by using an acidic polysaccharide derived from plant tissue.

This methodology was further improved. A substantial research effort indicated that special filtering was the most advantageous method for improving the results. It was found that using a unique fibrous silk filtration method, a collagen of triple helix structure could be obtained in substantial quantities.

This type of collagen is especially suited for cosmetic preparations.

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What is Collagen?

The simple answer is that it is a protein but a very special one. Its structure is made up of amino acids with a fibrous arrangement, otherwise known as fibrous scleroproteins. The fibers are long chain molecules, containing up to 19 amino acids. The most important of these being, prolin, glicyn and hydroxyprolin and hydroxysilizin. The last two compounds are not found in any other proteins.

Amino acids are in turn composed of the so called life elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. The combination of a hundred or more of these elements in a specific pattern produces amino acids, which can then further combine to produce long polypeptide molecular chains. These long chains of amino acids co-join to form super helixes with a space volume structure. The whole chain structure relies on a weak hydrogen type bond for support.

This is the basic building brick of collagen.

Fig 1.

Natural Collagen Triple Helix Image

The most desirable property of these collagen super helixes is their sequence of three repeating amino acids which undertake a specific pattern, represented graphically as:


Where, the Y and Z radicals are built into the polypeptide chain.

These chains are the life form of a living organism and can be rendered apart during periods of illness; for instance in cases of pneumonia, where very high body temperatures can be encountered, in excess of 42 degrees Centigrade.

Fig 2. Molecules of collagen exhibiting a triple helix structure.

Collagen Image

Fig 3. Molecules of collagen showing structure disrupted structure by high temperatures.

Collagen Structure Image

Fig 4. A protein.

Figure 2, shows diagrammatically, the structure of collagen occurring naturally in human skin. None of the world wide products of skin care collagen preparations contain this type of triple helix structured collagen; except for those based on the Polish Invention.

Degeneration of the triple helix collagen, obtained from fish skins can occur due to a variety of causes. The mere presence of the tiniest amount of acidity, bacteria or a very small temperature rise can cause degeneration of the collagen structure. This causes a loss of effectiveness of the collagen for combining with its' naturally occurring counterpart in human skin. It slowly de-coagulates and degenerates.

American researchers, E Gibson and L. Chang (2002) and the French researcher, J. Roche (2003) also pointed out the negative effect of time and acidity on the effectiveness of skin absorption of collagen preparations.

Even the best known absorption type products, those produced by Inventia do not retain their restorative properties above 28 degrees Centigrade.

Considering that normal human body temperature is 37 degrees Centigrade, it is no surprise that de-spiralisation of collagen cosmetic gels occurs in less than one hour, when in contact with human skin.

Therefore, the desired skin preparation must be able to withstand many clinical and temperature conditions, aside of those mentioned above.

These considerations show that it must be produced from proteins of less than 350,000 molecular weight, similar to those occurring in human skin (G. Reich, 1970).

Inventia collagen preparations are produced from proteins constituted from molecular weight chains in the range 250,000 to 310,000. This narrow control of molecular size enables rapid absorption by the skin, thereby reducing the onset of de-spiralisation of the triple helix.

No other available product of this type, even those derived from ordinary fish skins, has been able to demonstrate these properties.

Man photo after Natural Collagen TreatmentIn order to understand this revolution in cosmetics, it is necessary to appreciate that the regenerating proteins are, collagen, elastin and keratin. It is in fact, these proteins that help the skin conserve its tension, moisture, elasticity and texture. It is a supporting structure of each organ.

Collagen undergoes the physiological ageing process like the whole organism. Bone matrix is an ideal model for observing changes connected with ageing and number of metabolic, infection, systemic and neoplastic diseases.

Free radicals such as toxins and the enzyme colagenase, destroy the fibrous proteins causing a diminution in the amount of microelements and vitamins which are vital to the continuous replenishment of collagen by fibroblasts and chondrocites. Thus the natural production of collagen is drastically reduced.


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