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Beautiful Cheeks With Miessence Blush Powder
(Product Review) By Aria Milan, Skin Care & Body Care Editor

The act of blushing is associated with the glow of being in love and has always been considered an alluring quality. Throughout the ages, women have applied color to their cheeks to capture the beauty of the blushing effect. The perfect shade of blush is a prize find. The right color for cheeks can mean the difference between a healthy, youthful glow and a sick pallor.

Finding "just the right color" can be a challenge in and of itself, but narrowing the search to include finding the right blush in an all natural cosmetic can be a frustrating endeavor. Most cosmetics on the market are awash with harmful chemical additives. One could deduce that these chemical additives play a key role in the texture and "feel" of the cosmetic.

If chemical allergies aren't a factor, conventional blushes feel great and the color lasts for hours. With many natural and organic cosmetics, one doesn't have to worry about absorbing toxins, but these products usually don't look and feel as natural on the face, and they tend to cake. Miessence is a line of organic body care and cosmetic products that offers a pure mineral blush which gives cheeks a beautiful, natural color.

The mineral blush powders come in two types of finishes -- Satin and Silk. The Silk colors have a matte finish and is great for daytime use. The Satin colors have a shimmering effect and is perfect for evenings out. There are three colors in all and each color has a Satin and Silk version available. The difference in shades between the Satin and Silk colors are significant so in actuality, there are 6 colors to choose from -- Ginger Blossom Satin, Ginger Blossom Silk, Apricot Dew Satin, Apricot Dew Silk, Desert Rose Satin, and Desert Rose Silk.

These colors offer enough of a choice for people of different skin colors, from very fair to dark, to pick a shade that will match their skin tone. According to the Miessence catalogue: the Silk colors look very light in the containers but darken when applied and the Satin colors look like how they appear in the jars.

I tried the Ginger Blossom Satin blush powder and I was surprised to find that itGinger Blush Powder went on very smoothly and naturally. It livened up my face but didn't over-power my cheeks with color. This blush was natural enough for me to use during the day and had a lovely shimmer to it. The first time I tried it, I applied too much but felt confident that the color would fade after a little while like so many other blush products do.

After a few hours, I looked in the mirror and had a double-edged surprise -- on the one hand, the color hadn't faded so it looked over-applied but the plus side is that the color stayed put on my cheeks really nicely. I can fairly say this is the best mineral blush powder I've used and the shimmering color adds a vibrant glow to my face.

I've tried many natural cosmetics in the past and I've been disappointed with almost every product. The challenge I've found with natural cosmetics is that the texture just doesn't feel right and the color choices aren't enough to find the right shade to match my skin tone. I imagine this is true for a lot of people.
The easy way would be to just continue using conventional make-up products, except for one uncomfortable truth: conventional cosmetics contain dangerous chemical ingredients that are carcinogenic and endocrine disruptive. What a lot of people are left with is the choice to look really good by using toxic products or sacrifice the optimum look for much healthier alternatives.

This does not hold true any more when it comes to Miessence blush powder.

The ingredients of the blush powder are:

* Mica

* Sericite Mica

* Organic Rose (Rosa Damascena) Essential Oil

* may contain Iron Oxides

These are very simple ingredients which makes me feel that my search for a good blush powder is over. When shopping around for cosmetics, it's best to avoid products that contain Coal Tar Dyes, PEG, Talc, Dimethicone, and Parabens, just to name a few. Taking the time to switch to natural cosmetics from toxic products is well worth the time and effort not just for your health but also for your beauty in the long term. Many of these harmful chemicals also cause skin irritation and free-radical damage that can lead to premature aging.

For a natural look with this blush powder, apply it with a blush brush and when more color is desired, apply with a sponge. The only drawbacks I found was that it comes in a loose powder and for those who are used to hard powders, this takes a little while to get used to and is a little messy. Also, the containers are a little small, about .21 ounces or 6 grams.

Overall, I recommend this product as it is a wonderful blush and is softly scented with rose oil. The price of this blush is "higher end" at $22.95 but is worth it. To order this product, go to (Miessence Blush Powder).

Be sure to select the destination of where you want your order shipped as this is an international company and the currency will reflect the destination country. In upcoming articles, I will be reviewing the Miessence foundation and lip creme.

Look beautiful naturally!


Update: Since I last wrote this review, I've been informed that Miessence has reformulated their blushes and have blended both the Silk and Satin effects in three colors -- Desert Rose, Apricot Dew, and Ginger Blossom. I have tried the new blushes and they work even better!

These blushes have the combined effect of shimmer and matte so it's appropriate for both day and evening wear. When the light reflects off the cheeks, the shimmer effect is very noticeable but during natural lighting (when the sun shines during the day) the blush is toned down as the matte effect is more prominent.
Desert Rose has a warm brown/pink color to it, Ginger Blossom is a nice all-around pink shade and Apricot Dew is a radiant pink with an uplifting apricot hue to it. These new blushes are highly recommended and are very versatile.



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