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Collagenelife Intl. acknowledges the fact that everyone is born with a natural beauty. On the other hand, normal health and beauty calls for cherishing therefore, we will try to offer you a hand in finding solutions to your health or beauty associated dilemmas.

You will find the best beauty news and ideas starting from, makeup, skin care, body care, anti aging, nail care and hair care until bridal clothing, prom attire and trends tips. Get ready to loose some weight and become a NEW YOU!

If you wish to help us bringing into the world inner health solutions and outer beauty tips for all ages to become a 'beauty' from being purely beautiful, please join our team and send us your suggestions.


Applying Makeup

Makeup on the Road
IIt is much easier to find what you need when using a plastic freezer bag instead an expensive makeup bag while on the road. This will also protect you against making a mess in case of leaking bottle.

Stay Away from Mucky Mascara
Prior to using mascara, apply a small amount of powder under your eyes, above all if you use concealer or eye cream. Mascara often smears or runs since it's "attracted" to oily products.

Brighten up Your Eyes
You may use white eyeliner to brighten up your eyes, using a little shimmery eyeliner in white, pink, or silver on the inner corner of each eye, and blend it in. If you want to create even more effect, highlight the brow line with the same pencil.

Makeup and Exfoliator
Not many women are aware of a very important step in their makeup regimen: exfoliate! Applying a mild exfoliant (especially designed for the face) before, and you will discover that using makeup, moisturizer, and concealer will be much easier ... and look better, too!

Powder vs. Oil Absorbing Sheets
You may be attracted to use extra powder if you find your skin getting oily during the day. However, if you do this in excess, it just accumulates and in reality looks much worse. Instead try blotting sheets -- they really work! -- Not only do they magically soak up facial oils while leaving your makeup (foundation, powder) intact, they are a much smarter option than paper napkins and powdering your forehead every hour.

Looking Good Without Makeup
Regardless of how perfect your skin is and how you look without wearing makeup, always keep lipstick or gloss with you -- even if you do not apply any foundation or anything else, a little color on your lips can help you look your best. Using a bit of mascara first thing in the morning is useful, too, if you feel no reason to spend half an hour in front of the mirror.

Blending Old Lipsticks
If you have, many shades of left over lipsticks do not get rid of them – instead, blend it with one of your favorites. Mixing several shades of lipstick is very fashionable right now; above all, when you layer matte and shimmering colors. This way you may also find a custom shade that suits you.

Simple Way of Clean Makeup Tools
It is very important to use and keep your makeup brushes and tools clean all the time -- it guarantee maximum performance and decrease the likeliness of blemishes. First, hold them under warm, running water (soaking may loosen the glue that holds them together). Using the soap of your choice, lather them up and rub gently to get rid of makeup and dirt. Wash out all the soap, and permit air-drying overnight.



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