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Collagen Colvita For Natural Health, Youth & Beauty
By Jerzy George

      Young people have pituitary glands that produce and abundance of GH The substance produced by the body and known as Growth Hormone. The emphasis is transferred to collagen as you age, because of the steady decrease of the hormone. The function of converting body's natural protein molecules into essential amino acids required by it is performed by Collagen. Thus, collagen performs the important maintenance function of the body.

      The body's conversion of resources from one form to another enables the body to better rebuild and repair. This process of protein synthesis is a metabolic process requiring collagen as a catalyst. As the body's store of collagen decreases, both supply and production fall.


      While our minds are resting, lost in dreams, doctors say our body is hard at work repairing the damage caused by normal activity. It has long been known that the body switches gears shortly after we fall asleep. It moves from its normal, active-involvement state to a rebuilding-and-maintenance state. During this type of sleep, the body looks for available collagen and other vital nutrients to change them into the vital components the body needs. 


      The most recent and thorough study, prepared by UniversitWoman with Flowery of Michigan researchers, shows that renewing collagen stores as part of health, beauty, and anti-ageing treatments can be very beneficial. 


      The team from the University's Department of Dermatology includes Gary Fisher, PhD, John Voohees, MD and James Varani, PhD, has drawn on a wealth of research in this area, mainly carried out by the University since the early 1990s. Fibroblasts, the collagen-making cells, are a key substance for resilient, youthful looking skin. The report shows how they are a supporting substance. 


      According to Voorhees, fibroblasts are not shot genetically. Our research has revealed that increased collagen intake creates an environment that stimulates the production of collagen. Visible reduction of wrinkling as a result of stimulation of new collagen production with the help of collagen-enhancing treatments and supplements is confirmed by the report.


Collagen synthesis holds vital fascination for all who dream of looking and feeling more youthful. We should definitely consider anything, whether it be a food supplement or some other treatment, that can speed or enhance the healing or rebuilding process.


The necessity of collagen supplementation has long been recognized by makers of health food supplements. However, the collagens are non-medical and therefore not bio-available. (this is just a fancy way of saying that it can't be used by the body). To get around this, some less than ethical manufacturers have engaged in hoodwinking schemes to encourage supplementation of collagens that are unabsorbable or certain hormone precursors that do nothing for the collagens.

While the body manufactures a supply of collagen daily, production is reduced as we age, so before long there is not enough collagen available for the body to use. A variety of body parts gradually deteriorate thereafter. Wrinkles and unexplained pain in various joints are some of the initial signs that can be noticed. Note that I said, visible signs of aging. Only what is occurring on the outside of the body is shown by the joint aches and wrinkles. You can just guess the things that are occurring internally.

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other painful syndromes affecting the joints are degenerative, meaning that onset marks the beginning of a lifetime of pain. There is not much that can be done for the pain or to arrest the proceCouple of Youth on the bikess of degeneration. Don't get me wrong. If the human body has the appropriate materials with which to work, it does in fact have the ability to heal itself. The process of healing starts inwardly and works its way out. As does being young! Therefore, the only thing that works is to eliminate the origin of degeneration before it occurs.

Treatments that stimulate production of new, nonfragmented collagen should provide substantial improvement to the appearance and health of aged skin,- the article in the Archives of Dermatology confirms.

Natural Collagen Colvita is very much capable when available to the whole body as it is a new collagen supplement and nutricosmetic. This product works for those of all ages, from those in their twenties to senior citizens.

Colvita capsules are very natural and pure and that makes this product easy to consume. Natural Collagen Colvita capsule is formulated to be absorbed whole in the small intestine, so it is not broken down and lost before it has a chance to be of benefit. As part of a long-term treatment plan, Colvita staves off the signs of aging by refilling the body's stores of collagen. The oral capsules of collagen assist with smoother skin, improved skin elasticity, strengthened nails, and promote hair gloss.

Colvita does more than just increase the levels of collagen in the human body, it also invigorates the body's natural mechanisms for collagen production -- awakening your natural beauty.



Jerzy George is dedicated to share the importance and benefits of natural and pure collagen that has such an amazing influence on human's entire body. Everybody knows about importance of blood for human's body but few are aware that as an organism, we are literally swimming in collagen. 

Effects of oral administration of collagen, a Harvard School of Medicine, 2003

Leroux J.Y., Canadian immunologist specializing in collagen research, "The loss of youth", 2003

May 2008 issue of Archives of Dermatology




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