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Collagenelife Welcome

Collagenelife Intl. acknowledges the fact that everyone is born with a natural beauty. On the other hand, normal health and beauty calls for cherishing therefore, we will try to offer you a hand in finding solutions to your health or beauty associated dilemmas.

You will find the best beauty news and ideas starting from, hair care, skin care, anti aging, makeup and nail care until bridal clothing, prom attire and trends tips. Get ready to loose some weight and become a NEW YOU!

We also have solutions to your cellulite concern, acne harms and body healing. Your health is important to us, thus we also offer natural beauty answers for most of the crisis.

If you wish to help us bringing into the world inner health solutions and outer beauty tips for all ages to become a 'beauty' from being purely beautiful, please join our team and send us your suggestions.


Hair Care Treatment


Goodness of 2 – in – 1 Shampoo!
Someone could wonder if 2-in-1 shampoo is really as good as manufacturers declare. In case if, you have normal, strong hair, yes. However, oily hair does not call for extra conditioner, and dry hair requires much more conditioning than 2-in-1 shampoo offers. For your dry hair, utilize normal separate shampoo and conditioner.

Washing Your Hair
You may skip a second wash if you have short or thin hair. However, in case if you have longer, thicker hair, you may want to stick to the advice on the label.

Using Different Kind of Shampoo
It is a good practice to avoid using the same kind of shampoo repeatedly because it can cause buildup as your hair "gets used to it." Changing shampoos on a regular basis is useful, although easy to forget. If you want to try to make it easier to stick with it, acquire a large pump bottle and layer up to four different shampoos in equal quantities until the bottle is filled.

If You Do Not Know Ask Your Hair Stylist
In case if you cannot decide on a style, request your stylist to try a "v-cut" (longer in the back and shorter at the sides). The chin-length hair in the front is commonly pleasing, and for those whose faces do not like long hair can still have some length in the back.

Salt Water to Bring Out Waves
It is easy and not expensive to apply salt water to make waves! You can do it at home by making a simple spray with water and sea salt to bring out the natural waves in your hair, or purchase a commercial sea salt spray at the store.

Short Hair and Your Look
If you decide on cutting off your hair in favor of a shorter style, you may want to try this easy way for finding out if it will compliment your face. Make a photo of you face against a dark background, and make use of a black Sharpie to "cut off" your hair. If you like what you see, do not cut short just like that -- cut off a few inches at a time until you uncover the length you like.

Dye Color You Do Not Like
Here is the simple way how to fix your dye job if you do not like the result. If you have made it at home with semi permanent color, you may apply dandruff or clarifying shampoo to get rid of the color (the exact reason why you are often told not to use it!). Semi permanent color takes about 48 hours to set, so take advantage of this gap and shampoo in that time. Otherwise, it should die away in 6-8 weeks.

Fixing Hair to Your Face Shape
If you belong to the group of people having a long or oval face, a side part works best -- line it up with arch in your eyebrow. In case of a round or square faces, you may fix it to appear longer with a middle part, and prominent foreheads or chins appear smaller with a part that is just slightly off-center. Make sure to spread your hair while it is wet, so it dries in place.

Pregnancy and Color of Your Hair
Many pregnant women are concerned about getting their hair colored, however medical experts are of the same opinion that it is safe after the first trimester. Applying highlights rather than full color, though, it is best to keep as few chemicals from touching your skin as possible.

For little, tiny spread outs, do not placed them on even more hairspray. Instead, use a soft toothbrush, mist it with hairspray, and lay the flyaway hair softly into place.

Fixing Few Gray Hair
Quite often, it is much easier to use a mascara wand and basic hair dye that matches your natural color than doing a full hair dye job to cover a few gray hairs. Use the wand instead of the brush that comes with the dye, and touch up the gray more quickly and with less muddle than doing all your hair.

Before Hair dyeing
It is a bad idea to clean your hair right away prior to applying color. Your hair requires that natural oil to shield your scalp from the hair dye, at the same time it also assists the hair shaft to suck up the color much easier.



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