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Zapping Ugly Peepers Into Beauty

By Jerzy George


      It always seems to happen to you at the most inconvenient times – you pass a giant mirrored wall on the way to a big meeting at work, you catch a glimpse of yourself minutes before walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid at your cousin’s wedding, or you step into the bathroom to give yourself a quick “once over” just as your very handsome date rings the doorbell, and there they are: bags the size of Paris Hilton’s monogrammed luggage camped out under your baby blues. There goes the wind in your sails. But at least you have all that eye puffiness in the event you need a flotation device.


      Now it seems that all you can think about is your eye baggage, not to mention the humorous and ironically dubbed “laugh lines” that rear their not funny heads every time you smile. Thoughts are entering your head that have never stepped foot in your direction before; like whether or not there is a way to construct tiny strips out of duct tape for a quickie eye lift. Or maybe super glue? This is quickly turning into a weird, effeminate Mc Gyver episode. It is time to stop the madness before anyone reaches for any duct tape – you are beginning to think and act like a “Kathy” comic.


      You are not the only one who feels this way and worries about your body aging faster than your spirit and soul. You may be the only one who has considered duct tape, but go ahead and lie to yourself that there Woman Imageare others who almost went silver on themselves. Everyone wants to look as good as they feel. Everyone else wants to look good so they can feel good. Once upon a time, Botox was all the rage. The effects do not last very long, and all of those visits to your doctor can add up to a very hefty expense.


      CollageneLife can help give you the refreshingly smooth skin that you truly deserve. They have something that may just shock you out of your tried and failed cosmetic attempts, and into an experience that will leave you satisfied and looking like a million bucks. The process is known as Iontophoresis, and it is not nearly as complicated or painful as it sounds. The definition is a rather simple one: Iontophoresis uses a small electric current to create an opening in the top layer of your skin in order to deliver the collagen serum to your skin’s cells.


      The device is not trying to make craters in your skin, nor does it need to. Your pores are very small to begin with, and the current only opens them slightly more than their original size. Imagine your skin pores are the size of a baseball and you need to fit something like a tennis ball through the hole; you hardly need to alter anything. This process is normally done in a dermatologist’s office with a machine that resembles a prop from Star Trek. CollageneLife has remarkably designed an Iontophoresis home delivery kit that is not only safe, but also very user friendly.


      CollageneLife has created an amazing Iontophoresis home kit that you can use five times within a two week period. For best results, you will want to take all five opportunities. The results can be seen almost immediately. You may experience some redness and/or itching right after each application, but it is only temporary and a sign that the serum is working properly. A red face is a happy face for Iontophoresis.





About the Author - CollageneLife Intl. ( with twenty years of experience in the beauty and antiaging industry is oriented on the market's needs and have the set of concurrent advantages, favourably separating it from the products of the competitors. If you wish to learn more please visit






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