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Natural Collagen Cosmetics Set


Cosmetic Advertisements not always say the truth!
Advertisements of Anti-Wrinkle Creams almost never say the truth!

They promise to eliminate wrinkles - something no cream has ever done.
Their tricks are many. The creams are "smart", "available only in pharmacies", "ecological" even energizing. They are created with post - glacial water, NASA technology or nano - products and are holistic or employ various miracle substances. And dozens of chemical compounds with hard-to-pronounce names and plants that nobody has ever heard of...

Does the consumer really believe in all of this?

Certainly so. Or at least in part. If not the global advertising market for cosmetics would not be worth millions of dollars.

The truth is far more prosaic. Regardless of how well renowned the brand name cream being advertised may be, it is still only ever formed from certain base elements (water (read more), fat, esters, glycerin and glycol) and emulsifiers. Higher quality creams may contain surface elements such as vitamins, unsaturated fatty acid, panthenol, plant extracts, flavinoids and others.

So what is the difference between a $2 cream and a $200 cream?

The differences can be many. Above all it comes down to ingredients.
A cream selling for $2 or even $20 does surely not contain transmitters (transporters) that carry vitamins deep into the skin. You can not expect to receive the new generation of active elements and high quality in the proportions that could be significant, simply because a cream is expensive.

Image of woman in the waterSubstances such as these are not often found in cosmetology. Rarer still are plant extracts with a clinically proven effectiveness.

Hence the joy in creating a new nomenclature of cream components which are, most often, simply hype.

Every cosmetic firm seeking to survive in the marketplace is, twice a year, forced to bring out something new, and needs to have a hit every two years.

Hopefully these are based on the production series as a whole. It is for these reasons that the fantasies and lies of marketing campaigns have been pushing the boundaries of good judgment, and even good taste, for many years now.

Is a $2 cream a hundred times better than a $200?

Unfortunately not. At least 80% of the price is in the mark up and advertising campaign - and the higher the company's profile, the more they can spend on it.
That said, in cosmetics based on high - quality ingredients, we can expect a foundation of delicate oils and proven, selected plant extracts. While the cheaper creams are normally just made up of mineral oil, lanolin, aromas and other silly things found on the labels.
A Woman Jumping Rope on the Beach

Luxury cosmetics are distinguished by the legitimate proportions in their contents of effective active substances and complicated delivery systems which transport them deep into the skin. They have a velvety consistency, beautiful color and pleasant smell.

It is however, necessary to remember that, irrespective of the price - there is no cream on the market today with an undisputed, proven ability to eliminate wrinkles which already exist on the skin!


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Does it then make any sense to invest in cream at all

Absolutely yes. But rationally - looking at the ingredients - and not the slogans in praise of them. Directed by satisfaction gained from one's own use.

Natural Collagen Cosmetics Line is based on year and half of biotechnological research into, above all else, supporting the activity of pure collagen on the skin. Thanks to a barter exchange for lyophilized collagen, we gained access to the latest biotechnology, components and active substances originating in the most popular ingredients of the world's most exclusive cosmetics.

Our clients receive at a low price incommensurate with, comparable quality only recently present on the world market.

We warmly invite you to take an objective look at the value of the Natural Collagen Cosmetics Line through the prism of the composition of its ingredients. The guiding principle behind its production was quality, modernity and the total safety of spiral structures used by the consumers of fish collagen.

Our products are manufactured according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GHP (Good Hygiene Practice). Also our company initiated system of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in the newest standard of ISO 22000:2006 - Food Safety Management Systems.

MATRIXYL(TM)-3000 - sometimes advertised as procollagen. It has made a big splash lately in the world of protein biotechnology. A great rival of Retinol. It contains Pal - GHK and Pal - GQPR matrices which transmit information on rebuilding and repairing skin. Major research has determined that these peptides work in synergy with fish collagen. Currently one of the most expensive substances in cosmetology. They form 3% of the proportions of our cream.

Image of Centella asiatica algae
GOTU - KOLA (Centella Asiatica, Fo-Ti-Tieng)
one of the few plants to have come onto the cosmetology scene in recent years, and last more than two seasons. In China it is used as a longevity herb. This extract contains flavinoids, vitamins A, C and E, triterpen compound and magnesium.

It stimulates the formation of mucin and hyaluronic acid. Proven o work in synergy with filoestrogen and fish collagen.

Aloa Vera image

ALOA VERA- derived for cosmetics from flavinoid sources. Its effect is soothing and moisturizing. Valuable to those who frequently use peeling.

In case of Aloe Vera extracts, the source of material and its selected cultivation are very important.

NONI (Morinda Citrifolia) - the extract of this Polynesian plant forms the base of many successful cosmetics. It treats many skin ailments. It is also chosen as an ingredient because of its complete lack of conflict with fish collagen.

PANTHENOL - a precursor to vitamin B5, it is present in all living tissue. Perfectly absorbed by the skin - it soothes and moisturizes. In our creams and peelings we have added the best Dattainable - Panthenol from French labs.

VITAMIN E (Tocopherol) - the vitamin of youth and the most powerful vitamin in cosmetology. It protects the membranes of skin cells and is synergistic with vitamin C. It occurs in many cosmetics, but only the best biotechnology can incorporate it into effective transmitters. Neutral in the presence of fish collagen.

Image of Borage Plant

CUCUMBER OIL (Borago Officinalis) -
best available in cosmetic sources of gamma - linolenic acid, often vitamin F, in a manner naturally present in the healthy epidermis and immunizes the skin against allergens.

The quality of the source is very important.

SOYADIN (+soy filoestrogen) - soy sterols and filoestogenes are the foundation stone for ingredients in the best creams for mature skin. In nature, filosteroids make up the fatty layers of the skin. Following the cosmetic industry's withrawal from bovine collagen, soy protein has been brought in to fill their place.

GROUND CORAL (Lithothamnium Calcea) - an ingredient in the most exclusive peeling products. It efficiently peels the surface epidermis and unblocks pores, without irritating the ovarian granulosa cells.

The ingredients of the Natural Collagen Cosmetic Line includes also base contents as (osmotic water (read more), glycerine, and triglyceride) as well as alantonia, stearic acid, wild rice oil, melissa, elastine, aromas and of course fish collagen.
Image of healthy fruits

There is another secret of cosmetology which has only recently reached consumers.

It is here we wish to inform you, our costumers, that it is precisely the nourishing of the skin internally (while above all else ensuring its proper metabolic intake of ascorbic acid) combined with the applications of Natural Collagen, Natural Collagen Cosmetic Line, and Colvita that can guarantee the rejuvenation of your skin at a cellular level, and slow the process of its ageing by many years.

The truth is hard. Between the ages of 25 and 30 our cells are set by a biological clock - fibroblasts which slow the production and support of collagen. The main objective reason for the occurrence of wrinkles on people skin is the ever growing and thinning net of collagen protein fibers, which carry water (read more) and other substances responsible for smoothness.

We have the product that is a breakthrough product in cosmetology.

Natural Collagen Cosmetics work on the causes, not the effects. It stimulates fibroblasts into delaying their retirement. You will feel the results on daily basis. This is world's most powerful pain free, anti-wrinkle treatment, which delivers long lasting results fast and naturally.




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and consume before purchasing Natural Collagen products therefore,
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