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Botox - A Deadly Drug?  16 Die After Being Injected              By Jerzy George

      According to FDA records, there have been at least 16 deaths after Botox injections, which occurred due to the botulinum toxin spreading to other parts of the patients' bodies.

      Public Citizen points to these deaths in their petition to have a "black box" warning about this risk, which would be required as a necessary part of packaging for Botox and any other related medications. The highest warning level that the FDA can give a product without removing it from shelves is called a black box.

Botox Injection   Allergan's Botox and Solstice Neuroscience's Myobloc are among the injections based on the botulinum toxin, which blocks nerve impulses from reaching muscles, causing them to relax. These medicines have each been approved for the treatment of cervical dystonia, which is a condition causing rigid or spastic neck muscles. More famously, Botox is also approved for use in smoothing away wrinkles in the face.

      According to Public Citizen's review of 180 reports of adverse effects reported to the FDA, at least 87 people have been hospitalized and 16 killed due to a spread of the toxin beyond the injection site. Side effects of the toxin include muscle weakness, trouble swallowing, or even aspiration pneumonia. Children accounted for four of the deaths attributed to the injections.

      Sidney Wolfe, the director of the Public Citizen Health Research Group stated that warning labels due exist on botulinum toxin but it is too easy to miss.  The prescribing instructions do state that botulin toxin can spread an paralyze other body parts.   Public Citizen says that in order to lower the risk of mortal accidents, the FDA must issue a black box warning in addition to requiring all practicing physicians to provide each patient with a clear, concise guide highlighting this risk prior to administering the injections.

      "These significantly improved warnings to doctors and patients would increase the likelihood of earlier medical intervention when symptoms of adverse reactions to botulinum toxin first appear, and could prevent more serious complications, including death," the FDA says.


About Author - Jerzy George is dedicated in sharing the importance and benefits of natural and pure collagen that is safe and has such an incredible influence on a human entire body.

Everybody knows about importance of blood to the human body but few are aware that as an organism, we are literally swimming in collagen.

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