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Collagenelife Welcome

Collagenelife Intl. acknowledges the fact that everyone is born with a natural beauty. On the other hand, normal health and beauty calls for cherishing therefore, we will try to offer you a hand in finding solutions to your health or beauty associated dilemmas.

You will find the best beauty news and ideas starting from, skin care, body care, anti aging, makeup, nail care and hair care until bridal clothing, prom attire and trends tips. Get ready to loose some weight and become a NEW YOU!

We also have solutions to your cellulite concern, acne harms and body healing. Your health is important to us, thus we also offer natural beauty answers for most of the crisis.

If you wish to help us bringing into the world inner health solutions and outer beauty tips for all ages to become a 'beauty' from being purely beautiful, please join our team and send us your suggestions.

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Body Care Massage

How to Massage Entire Body Using Scrub at Home
When using a good body scrub at home, move in your heart direction. Begin at your feet and continue up to your upper body. While doing your arms, start at the fingertips and go up to your shoulders. Massage softly in circular motions to keep away from scrubbing too hard.

Body Scrub in Cold Weather
You have to pay special attention to your dry hands, feet, and elbows with a simple homemade body scrub. Prepare a mixture of 1/2 cup Epsom salts, one-tablespoon olive or canola oil, and a few drops of lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit juice. Apply to the dry patches of skin, rub in a circular motion, and wash it off.

Body Wash
It will probably surprise you but those admired bath and shower gels can dry out your skin! You might want to switch to a simple moisturizing bar soap. However, if you still want to apply body wash, verify the components and make sure to find something that doesn't contain sodium laurel sulfate -- that's what provide gels with their harmful property.

Be Careful with Your Hands
To work against the violent treatment your hands go thru every day, rub them with a facial exfoliater once a week.

Backaches Problem
One of many ways to fight a backache, particularly in the morning, is trying to sleep on your back with your knees moved up on a pillow. If this is still painful or uncomfortable, sleep on the side with a pillow between your knees.

Look Thinner in Pictures
Believe it or not but the way you pose can have an effect on how you appear in photos! If you want to look thinner, rotate a bit sideways with one foot in front of the other, position your shoulders back and your chest out. It will not only look good in photos -- it's also the right posture!

Fit At Any Age
This video shows a fit 57-year-old school principal who gives details on how she continues to stay fit by consuming a healthy food and work out. At the beginning, we see her body judge against a 32-year-old. Next, she explains the typical body adjustment as we age, and we get recommendation on nutrition and exercise for the 30s, the 40s, and the 50s.

Watch out because whatever your age, you can always profit from the suggestion in this video


Shower Gel
If you think that, those fashionable bath and shower gels cannot dry out your skin think again! You will be better off using a simple moisturizing bar soap. However if you insist to use body wash, be sure to verify the ingredients and get something that does not contain sodium laurel sulfate -- that is the enemy of washing gels which creates negative effects.

Safe and Healthy Toothpaste
If you wish to try something different and healthy mix together baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt, and a touch of your regular toothpaste. After you may use it as you would your ordinary toothpaste.

Vitamin C Before Bed
If you were taking Vitamin C supplement, it would be wise to make sure and take it earlier in the day. Otherwise Vitamin C may contribute to sleeplessness if taken late at night.


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