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New Studies Confirm Supplements Enhance Health
By Dr. Allen S. Josephs

       I get Dr. Josephso tired of responding to vitamin naysayers. The latest one is Dr. Eric Rimm, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard. He reportedly told ABC television that dietary supplements will not provide the nutritional boost a poor diet requires. He does correctly state that a change in diet and lifestyle will improve health, although adds that "fundamentally unhealthy people seeking dietary remedial actions through supplementation are wasting their time". He also adds, "Indeed, dietary supplements used in this way may provide little more than expensive urine."     Read  More...




Would You Like To Run Your Car on Water?

By George C.


      This is a great! Cheer up, you have just found the way to own a water-to-energy converter for your car. We have been looking around and picked the most Practical free-energy devices, very simple and aCar on Watert the same time effective and powerful. You may try but it will be very difficult to find something near as good, even for double of the price.


      You might be surprised but it's now possible to power your car on water as well as gas, instead of 100% gas. Apart from the many advantages that this technology has for the planet, it also has many widespread benefits for many individuals around the world, including YOU.



About the Author:

George C. is always looking to learn more about things important in people's life and  pass it back onto them. If you want discover more about water for gas technology and how you too can build your own water for gas powered car, visit   Water Car



Drink Water - The Dangers of Dehydration

by Andreas Moritz

The human body is composed of 75 percent water and 25 percent solid matter. To provide nourishment, eliminate waste and conduct all the trillions of activities in the body, we need water. Most modern societies, however, no longer stress the importance of drinking water as the most important "nutrient" among nutrients. Entire population groups are substituting water with tea, coffee, alcohol and other manufactured beverages. Many people don't realize that the natural thirst signal of the body is a sign that it requires pure, plain drinking water. Instead, they opt for other beverages in the belief that this will satisfy the body's water requirements.   Read More ... 


Drink Water - The Dangers of Dehydration (Part II)

by Andreas Moritz


When dehydrated, the body has to put up the fight of a lifetime -- similar to the one experienced during a famine or a "fight or flight" situation. It responds to such a crisis by mobilizing several powerful hormones, including adrenalin, endorphins, cortisone, prolactin, vasopressin, and Renin-Angiotensin (RA). Endorphins, for example, help us to withstand pain and stress and allow the body to continue most of its activities. Cortisone orders the mobilization of stored energies and essential raw materials to supply the body with energy and basic nutrients during the crisis.    Read More in Part 2...



Drink Water - The Dangers of Dehydration (Part III)

by Andreas Moritz

      The kidneys truly are the body's "master chemists." They not only remove waste products and excess fluids from the body via the urine, but they also maintain a critical balance of salt, potassium and acid -- not a small feat for such relatively small organs. The kidneys produce a hormone -- erythropoietin (EPO) -- that stimulates the production of red blood cells. Other kidney hormones help regulate blood pressure and calcium metabolism. The kidneys even synthesize the hormones that control tissue growth. When the kidneys become damaged, other organs suffer as well.     Read More Part 3...


How Collagen Rejuvenates Health & Beauty of Your Face

by Jerzy George

      It is possible to see a dramatic change using some Collagen Skin Care products by just putting back what nature has taken away or by easily restoring what is commonly lost from the skin. This treatment leaves the face looking younger yet natural, and the Cosmetic Surgery can be deferred. By introducing Collagen skin care regimens and usage of the natural collagen cosmetics, you will soon see age slipping away from your face and a more clean and youthful face coming forth. Read More...


Botox - A Deadly Drug? 16 Die After Being Injected
By Jerzy George

       According to FDA records, there have been at least 16 deaths after Botox injections, which occurred due to the botulinum toxin spreading to other parts of the patients' bodies.    Read more...


Mesothelioma - Source of Cancer From Asbestos Exposure

By Jerzy George

     Mesothelioma is an unusual form of cancer that grows in the mesothelial cells originated in human's body. The cells structure membranous linings that envelops and shield the body's organs and line body cavities for instance the chest and abdomen.

Between two-to-three thousand cases of mesothelioma are detected every year in the United States , embracing approximately three percent of the entire cancer identified. Unfortunately, every type of mesothelioma, excluding benign mesothelioma, is deadly. Mesothelioma is a very cruel type of cancer that is not easy to detect and extremely challenging to cure and complete improvement is exceptionally unusual. Read more...


Collagen Beauty Skin Care Products
By Jerzy George

       Could you imagine being a fly on Aphrodite's wall the morning she found her first gray hair and wrinkle? Hades hath no fury like a like an unhappy diva deity. Or maybe the love goddess never had to deal with the same maladies as her mortal devotees. After all, she was divine; her secret anti-aging weapon was immortality. If we could all be so lucky...    Read more...


Zapping Ugly Peepers Into Beauty
By Jerzy George

       It always seems to happen to you at the most inconvenient times - you pass a giant mirrored wall on the way to a big meeting at work, you catch a glimpse of yourself minutes before walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid at your cousin's wedding, or you step into the bathroom to give yourself a quick "once over" just as your very handsome date rings the doorbell, and there they are: bags the size of Paris Hilton's monogrammed luggage...    Read more...


Collagen Skin Care Swan Song
By Jerzy George

       Collagene Skin Care? Oh how the years slip away. Sometimes it does not seem like so long ago that you were still a twinkle in your mother's eye. Then the glorious day finally arrived that was, in fact your arrival. Like most babies, you probably had the chubby cheeks going full force and too closely resembled a Shar Pei ...    Read more...


Skin Care Beauty Throughout History
By Jerzy George

       Skin care has always been an important part of the beauty regimen for women, and some men throughout history. The secret formula or tonic (ancient skin care products) for smooth and fare skin was as much sought after many times as riches and glory...    Read more...


Sunfood Nutrition & Eating For Natural Beauty
By David Wolfe

       The raw-food culture is a mix of alternative health devotees, spiritual seekers, and hot trend spotters. Hollywood is not new to the raw lifestyle - Wolfe has personally counseled actors Alicia Silverstone, Alison Lohman and Woody Harrelson, motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, and model/Playmate Rebecca Scott. Wolfe and his chef staff have prepared raw feasts for The Grateful Dead; K.D. Lang and Lisa Bonet have attended seminars.

       To anyone who eats cooked food, the idea of eating only raw food might seem extremely restrictive, too taxing on your body. Yet there is solid evidence that a living plant food diet eases digestion, boosts energy, rejuvenates skin beauty and eliminates carcinogens...Read more...


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